Monday, 12 June 2017

Stoner & Dottor Poison/Ethik -Toysword / The 1st Second [Premiere] Sinuous Records

Stoner & Dottor Poison/Ethik -Toysword / The 1st Second [Premiere]Sinuous Records deliver a new and highly effective collaboration of producers Stoner & Dottor Poison and Ethik.Intricate production style and experimental sound design, leaves a lasting impression.
Stoner & Ethik - Toysword [Premiere]
Serrated atmospherics lull the listener into a false sense of security before the drop,
bringing a sharp array of cutting-edge, diverse and hard-hitting form of drum & bass neurofunk.
This is a straight up punishing groove with heavy drums and a low pulsing bassline.
Perfectly executed, infectious business. Absolutely deadly !
Ethik & Stoner / Dottor Poison - The 1st second [Premiere]

Building a massive level of tension on the intro with swelling synths, morphing bassline pressure
and a relentless drum line arrangement to match the twisted vocal stomping tech-edged roller,
with a tightness of production and attention to detail present throughout.
Yet again another dangerously weighty dancefloor smasher.