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Ethik - Metamorph / Evolution [Premiere] Sinuous Records Narxy One - Parallax E.P.[Premiere] Sinuous Records Transforma - Gravitational Shift / Misophonia [Premiere] Sinuous Records Ephyum - Empirical / Noir [Premiere] Sinuous Records Narxy One - Turn Up / Greedo [Premiere] Sinuous Records Stoner & Dottor Poison, Ethik -Toysword / The 1st Second [Premiere] Decline Ft. Ignore - Expulsion / Ignore - Lability [Premiere] Sinuous Records Ephyum - Reaction / Foresight [Premiere] Sinuous Records ChaseR - Engine / Monosurround [Premiere] Sinuous Records Buy
Audio Release Black Barrel & OFFsky- Destroyed Reality [Premiere] Black Barrel & OFFsky continue their fine trend of hook-based rolling Neurofunk with this straight up dancefloor killer - Destroyed Reality,it proves to be a full on assault of aggressive reese lines and skittering breaks that keeps the tune rolling along with a fearsome precision and catchy hypnotic leads. aa.Escape - MT [Premiere] Escape Brings fresh new perspectives with MT - Hypnotic melody that is building tension on the intro,before we’re hit with a rolling tech beat and crunchy growling low end bassline rhythmic percussion adding up to an interesting dancefloor oriented slice of dark techstep. Check out the clips below and grab from your favourite digital outlet now! @sinuous Sinuous Records - Sinoptics/Difend/Torn/Various Artist Available Now 4 track digital EP Difend - Extremis Atmospheric synths gives this tune good depth monstrous beats and a punchy arrangement makes for an utterly relentless leading into a powerful and driven neurofunk which grows as the track goes on. Sinoptic - Rumors Punchy futuristic snares, crunchy bass textures and a stab lead that gives deeper vibes rolling but differently some dancefloor weaponry. Sinoptic - Entities Atmospheric pads and shimmering synths build tension on the intro before giving way to a morphing bassline textures, cheeky stabs and crisp steppin drums. The groove on this one is future funk and the energy levels couldn’t be much higher. Torn - Black Ego Moody atmospherics mutated samples and throbbing sub bass that knocks the breath out of you. If you like your beats crunchy and forward thinking it should be right up your street. Check out the clips below and buy now to grab the EP Available Now Download

Sinuous Records - Sinoptics/Difend/Torn/Various Artist Available Now 4 Track Digital EP Check out the clips below and buy now to grab the EP Download 01 nScape - Chain Reaction
02 Black Barrel - Conflict
03 Diatomic - Sudden Encounter
04 Picota & Kumbh - Vampire´s Delicacy
First up the stand off with NScape - A tension Neuro fuelled stomper bringing tough drums with killer rasping basslines. Equally as monsterous (Conflict) by Black Barrel pushin the sound onwards with classic tech-step elements, whiplash drums, nasty stabbin sub synthesis fresh and exhilarating. Diatomic build up with Dark percussion twisted soundscapes, ominous background drones deadly drums and hard hitting reese bassline. Captivating vibes that builds and progresses, last but not least Picota & Kumbh bring tough rugged beats and grimy bass hooks making this a sure fire floor filler

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