Monday, 25 June 2018

Narxy One - Parallax E.P.[Premiere] Sinuous Records

Narxy One - Parallax E.P.[Premiere] Sinuous Records

Serving up four crisp and futuristic tracks for Sinuous Records - Narxy One Parallax E.P.
This E.P. strikes a nice balance between Neuro and Dancefloor, with lead track 'Lucy' opening up a sci-fi intro that approaches the classic techstep vibe before dropping into an absolutely stomping beat that floats right upto the drop before a big growling bassline jumps out of nowhere,

Keeping things punchy 'Mutha Fuckaz' drops straight into seriously rolling neurofunk territory, crisp lurching snares, warm bass and militant layers of echoed rap vocals.Seriously infectious basslines and super tight drum rolls to fill out this beat make for a sure fire dancefloor hit.

Narxy One - 'Reticule'
This sci-fi-esque melody samples interesting percussive, skittering drums and rising bass swells. Equal parts serve uplifiting liquid and techy edges, tons of growling bass texture and thumping drums provide a refined and detailed tune.

Narxy One - 'Tsantsa' is layered over a gated synth line with some pretty huge bass underpinning a classic sci-fi infused neuro roller, with some exceptional attention to detail that delivers driving drums with heavy sub lines under a filtered, twisted reese bass.Some serious groove and utterly infectious.

Future thinking as ever This EP has something for everyone. Look out for the EP dropping June 25th at all the usual digital outlets…



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