Monday, 26 July 2021

Inception Audio Cryptographic - EP .

Cryptographic - EP .

Inception Audio
Portal: Information
Region: Indefinite
Department: Deep Coms.
Catalog# IA027
Agent / Asset: Cryptographic
With this collection of sonics, Cryptographic delivers four individual tracks that fit perfectly within each other. Sparse percussions with waves of pads and FX weaving in and out to create a tapestry of space and time throughout the EP.
Zero is a cold and desolate opener with a chilling and reverbed landscape. Zone conjures up images of isolation and navigating the remains of a fallen city at sundown in a post pandemic Wasteland. Zoo transports you to a decaying transportation center where the forgotten gather to wait for a train that is never going to arrive. Zulu closes out the EP with trace elements of forgotten warriors as they make their way home after long and exhausting battle.