Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Hybert Phillips- Riot EP - 'Moment'- Sinuous Records

Serving up hypnotic atmospheres that delivers a driving tune full of futuristic sounds, alongside heavy hitting with roaring mid-bassline modulations layered over a healthy bed of crunchy breaks. This is deep yet rugged

Hybert Phillips- Riot EP - Moment' -Sinuous Records

Hybert Phillips- Riot EP - Witch' - Sinuous Records

Hybert Phillips- Riot EP Sinuous Records ' Witch' Kicking off with an eerie string that leads into Punchy drum programming with echoing vocals. An array of skittering percussion growling bass that tremors. This adds to the sense of high energy hypnosis which keep this one rolling along at maximum energy. ➔Buy: ✖ Sinuous Records ✖ SC: ➔Released: 7 June 2021 ➔Cat: SIN48

Hybert Phillips - Riot | Drum and Bass

Massive love and support on this one Shouts out to DnB Portal
joining in on spreading the vibes Hybert Phillips Riot EP Sinuous Records Available on all music streaming platforms
✖ Sinuous Records ✖
➔Released: 7 June 2021
➔Cat: SIN48
✖ DnB Portal ✖

Tuesday, 8 June 2021